Do the Rearmost Free-Fall with Bungee Jump

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Published: 25th January 2011
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An unknown person a long time ago said that all of us, for once in our life had dreamt about flying in the air. However, we humans don't have Faveolar lungs, a stronger heart and a special upper bone structure like birds that can facilitate us to take a fly. But given that fact, that did not hinder us from designing airplanes, parachutes and movie and animation characters with wings and angels-because even if we cannot actually fly, we can actually imagine, is it right?

When we ride in an plane however, we can catch sight of the clouds and the sky, but we cannot touch it. When we get into a hot-air balloon adventure, we can feel the wind speed and we can touch the air, but we cannot glide freely. When we do say bungee jump though, we can see the sky, and can actually touch it, we can feel the soft breeze upon our face and we can actually soar freely. What's more, we can firsthand feel the pull of the gravity-much like the same as when we are actually on the wing, sans the wings.

Have you ever dreamed about it also? What it feels like to soar above the sky? To answer all our dreams about what it feels like to be on a high structure and do free fall without hesitations, extreme sports like bungee jump, rappelling or abseiling, wind surfing and sky diving are lowbrow amongst sports buffs and individuals who have a flair for midair thrill. Although some people might be troubled of the big risk of accidents and freaky tragedies, these sports are in reality secure and staunch. We often read vehicular and house accidents and the frequency is actually bigger compared to jumpers encountering an unforeseen disaster on their cord or malfunction on their gears.

So if you are thinking of enjoying these extreme airborne adventures in particular bungee jumping, you ought to know some facts first before finally signing up for the greatest descent against the air. Fact number one: male inhabitants in an island in Vanuatu and the "Papanta flyers" in Central Mexico do the old rite of tying their male adolescents with a pliable rope on their feet and gushing them to plunge onto a tall wooden platform as a rite to adulthood. Fact number two: the highest jump ever recorded is by AJ Hackett in the Macau Tower which has height of 233 meters or 764 feet. Following the big event, in 2006, the Macau Tower itself opened a bungee jump commercial attraction which according to the Guinness Book of Record is the tallest in the planet. Fact number three: the bungee jump stunt in the 1995 James Bond motion picture, the Golden Eye is actually genuine and not a product of special effect.

There are many variation of bungee jumping. There are also several kinds of bungee jump depending on the jumper's age and level. If you plan to overcome your fears, or just wish to live out your life-long dream of being airborne-perhaps it's the ripe time for you to try this extreme sport that according to people's accounts can be very addictive and can be ultimately exalting.

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